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With 233SMS's affordable bulk sms, you can send personalised sms to your staff members, students, friends, church members, clients and customers with your own brand name or company name as the Sender ID.
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You can send up to 160 characters in a single text message. If your message is longer, the message will be split into two or three separate text messages.You are charged for each individual text message sent.
Can I schedule a message to be sent later?

Yes you can.
When composing the sms, select Schedule and select date and time, click send when you are through.
The system would automatically send the sms when the time is up.
This can range from
  * Birthday Reminders
  * Daily Quotes
  * ... and sms you would want to send but may be busy when the time is due. 
When you send a text message it usually takes just a matter of seconds for the message to arrive, but there are many systems involved and delays do occur.
No, Text can't be read on fixed landlines so your deliveries would fail when you do.
Is it possible to set a Sender ID?

Yes it is.

You can change your account so that the sending number is set to your mobile phone number, in which case replies will go straight to your phone.

The final choice is to not to use a number at all. Instead you can set an alphanumeric string. This feature is usual called a Sender ID. In this case no replies are possible.

To set a Sender ID, first log on to your account.
Can I send to a short code number?

No, you can't send to a short code number through 233SMS.

This is because most short codes are premium rate numbers.
Will my message credits expire?

Unlike some other services, your 233sms message credits never expire, and there is no limit to the number of messages you can send per day.
Are there any additional charges?
Unlike other service providers, there are no additional or hdden charges, such setup fee, maintenance fee etc.
All you have to do is buy a bundle of text messages, and you are on your way.

Yes you can, through the 233sms API.